A taste of Psychosynthesis


Monday evening 22nd until Saturday evening 27th 2019

Psychosynthesis (Gerda Scholts), intuitive dance (Johan Dwarshuis), meditation (Arthur Glasner)

An inspiring spiritual journey through core concepts of psychosynthesis. Learn easy and effectively how to re-establish a better  I-Self relationship for a more authentic life experience.

Psychosynthesis - Gerda Scholts

Psychosynthesis is a way of getting more conscious of the powers inside yourself and whatever it is which stops you from living a joyful life to the fullest. It’s an opportunity for all people who refuse to remain chained by nagging inner doubts and emotions. Learn how you can take your own stand in life and feel yourself secured and supported in your own myth. Discover your personal sources of strength and wisdom, by taking this five-day journey with us.

During the week, you will gain a better knowledge of who you are by guided meditations, conversations, creative writing and expressions. What is holding you back in live? What burns inside you and invites you to come alive in your daily existence? Take a leap into the unknown and learn to trust your inner wisdom.

I am Gerda Scholts and live in Zaandam, The Netherlands. I provide individual coaching. I also give psychosynthetic workshops, workshops on writing and I teach ‘Family systems’. I am a graduated psychosynthetic therapist and also a certified relational therapist.

Intuitive dance – Johan Dwarshuis

Intuitive dance is a combination of movement, music, pleasure and relaxation. No dancing experience is needed. All music can suit our purpose to feed our moves, moods and imagination: pop, classical, world music… We’ll be dancing, together, alone, in couples, in small or big groups.

I’m not your dancing teacher, counting steps, but the one who will show you what else your body can portray…

It will be the fourth year on row that I’ll be giving my dancing workshop in the Czech Republic. Dancing is my life.

At the moment I am studying to be a Biodanza teacher at the Biodanza School Amsterdam.

I am a psychosynthesis coach and specialized in helping people who want to make a career switch.

Meditation- Arthur Gläsner

Arthur Gläsner is a sculptor and a psychosynthesis counsellor. He is fascinated by the everyday dilemma’s we all deal with, playing our parts in daily life, while our hearts and minds are floating elsewhere.

Arthur’s guided meditations are designed to approach slowly your inner core, the quiet, often forgotten space in yourself, from where everything in your life arises.

Week schedule:

Monday, 22 July: arrival and installation from 12 am to 5 pm. At 6 pm we start with an opening ceremony. If you want to arrive earlier let us know.

The 5 day- workshop begins on Tuesday. Thursday will be free and there will be the opportunity to visit the beautiful small town Litomyšl, which is situated a half an hour bike ride from the farm. (There are some bikes available.) You can also walk in the magnificent nature surrounding the village or just relax in the hammock between the fruit trees.

Saturday evening 27 July we will end the week with a farewell- ceremony.

Remaining / More information

Arthur and his wife Stefanie take care for everything thereabout.
The meals will be prepared by an experienced vegetarian and vegan cook.
If you have special needs or allergies let us know.


The contribution for this week (6 days, Monday up to Saturday) is € 495 including workshops, food and sleeping in the farm in multiple bedrooms, yurts or in a tent. Possibly there is a double room available.
Early booking until March 15th: € 445.

Applications and questions

Please feel free to mail us: info@statekuvlachu.com,

Or phone: +31(0)610518364

Details for payment and practical information about what you have to bring you will receive with your application.

You can apply until June 15th 2019 but it is better to inscribe earlier because the course might be full later on.

Feel like experiencing something different, to really make contact with yourself and others, to relax and join the beautiful countryside of Czech Republic, lovely healthy food and good company? You are invited!