AIKI ONGAKU – Aikdo and Music


Monday evening 29th July until Saturday evening 3rd August 2019

Aikido and music are very similar, both as a profound ethical idea and especially in the relationship between technique and art. The aim of both disciplines is to practice a shared art, harmoniously and without competition.

Aiki Ongaku wants to highlight these similarities by practicing the two arts together, trying to emphasize what aikido teaches musicians, and what musicians can suggest to aikidoka’s.

The stage is open to everyone who is interested in music and aikido.
Beginners and advanced practitioners are equally welcome.

The Aiki Ongaku is an initiative of Davide Amodio and Florindo Baldissera, who are both professional musicians and who have been practicing aikido since 2015.

In 2017 they started offering Aiki Ongaku workshops at the Academy of Music in Venice. Meanwhile there were more than 60 participants and it was nice to see the positive effect that aikido can have on the way they make music.

We will start the mornings with aikido, warming up the body in a gentle way. We will work on posture and breathing through aikido techniques and continue in the afternoon with improvisation, playing with sounds, using the space, the body and all sorts of musical instruments.


The contribution for this week is € 495.

This includes classes, food and sleeping in multiple bedrooms, yurts or in a tent.

Early booking until March 15th: € 445.


for application and questions please contact: Stefanie Liedtke:

Download the Poster here

Massimo Castelli,

Sensei, 6th dan Aikido.
Meikiyo Dojo Venice.

Davide Amodio,

violinist, musicologist, composer and conductor, teaches string quartet, string chamber orchestra and improvisation at the Venice Academy of music “Benedetto Marcello”.

Florindo Baldissera,

an appreciated and well-known Italian guitarist and vihuela player, teaches guitar at the Venice Academy of music “Benedetto Marcello”.

Stefanie Liedtke,

2nd dan Aikido, bassoon and recorder player, specializing in music theatre. Stefanie performs mainly chamber music ranging from old music on historical instruments to music from the 21st century